We offer multiple services

Freight Forwarding and Overseas Movement

Cargo-Insurance Services

SLI strengthens your supply chain and mitigates risk to your goods by offering crucial cargo insurance for Air, Marine and Inland freight shipping. Our cargo insurance provides coverage for your goods in the event of loss or damage during domestic and/or international transit

Ocean Freight

If you’re moving overseas or just have larger items, we can help. Transultika Maritime has contacts with all major steam ship lines and we offer service to any major international port with smooth and effective routes. No shipment is too big and our expertise and contacts will save you time and money.

Door To Door Delivery

Swift Logistics International excels in end-to-end supply chain management. Whether importing overseas shipments or exporting from the USA, we can coordinate pick-up and freight delivery to assure your cargo arrives timely and efficiently.

Air Freight

SLI’s connections in the air freight industry saves you both time and money. We take the hassle out of the high-priced and complicated game as we search for the most reliable and efficient routes to ensure your shipment is sent on time and on budget. And, with services between Europe and all international trade markets, we can get your shipment almost anywhere in the world.

Packing and Crating

Protecting fragile, unique and high-value items with custom packaging is Craters & Freighters TKM’s specialty. When your item requires more than just a standard box to protect it during shipping, that’s where we come in. We are different from traditional shipping companies because we package your items based on their specific needs.

Specialty Shipping

When it comes to shipments that require special attention or unique logistics, SLI's expert staff and international contacts can handle any challenge. With over 15 years of experience and a long-standing track record in shipments that are “outside the box”, our team has handled the most complex and unique shipments with a professional, industry leading level of service.

Save Money and Time

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